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POLISCI 1020E: Liberalism, Part I.docx

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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

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ORIGINS What is Liberalism?  all liberals aim to promote individual liberty (freedom)  liberals value liberty Brian Barry (1936-2009) Liberal States 1. religious toleration 2. freedom of the press 3. abolition of servile social status o getting rid of status distinction that ensure that people are born into a bad status Liberal Ideas (related to above^) 1. no religious dogma can be reasonably held with certainty 2. every doctrine should be open to critical scrutiny 3. fundamental equality of all human beings: inequality is an artifact Human Nature and Freedom  human beings are rational and self-interested  fair competition and equal opportunity  individuals should be free from legal barriers, customs, and conditions to live as they choose Medieval Europe  religious conformity o state and catholic church get together to form orthodoxy (people should believe the correct thing)  ascribed status o status fixed at birth  feudalism o connected to the idea of ascribed status  challenging ascribed status o church wasn’t the only thing that wasn’t ascribed status o should have opportunity to move up or down the social ladder Martin Luther (1483- ) Protestant Reformation  against church corruption o “buying yourself into heaven”  against priestly authority o objection to: in order to be saved, you need to go through the priests of the church? unreasonable  tradition and ritual vs. reading and doing o promote beliefs of reformers  resistance and freedom of conscience o Luther and Calvin: non-resistance  everyone is subject to government authorities o later Calvinists: right to overthrow o any ruler who denies free exercise of religious beliefs shall not rules o leads to religious toleration REVOLUTION Liberalism in England  1640s: English Civil War  1651: Hobbes’
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