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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Peter Fragiskatos

Conservatism and the State What is the state’s role in conservative thought? - Traditional conservatism - Paternalistic Conservatism - Liberal Conservatism What is conservatism? Someone who lives a conventional or conformist lifestyle. Has a moderate or cautious behaviour. Conservatism is about keeping things intact and in order. It’s in the nature of human beings to conserve. We have a natural resistance to change. The reason for that is that we distrust the unknown (we don’t know what is next). Traditional Conservatism developed as a reaction of the French Revolution in 1779. Edmund Burke (1729-1797) – The ideas of the enlightenment and the French Revolution. Reason can be used to reorder society so that everyone can be equal. You can make everyone happy and bring about equality. There are ideas of living freely. Burke says look what happens when change is rushed. The French revolution caused many people to die. He says the emphasis liberalism puts on individual freedom is dangerous. You sacrifice key sources of unity within society and maintaining stability. Family is a key source of protection. With liberalism stressing individuals doing anything as they wish causes families to break apart. For some traditional conservatives religion is important because religion provides people with comfort, ideas and teachings. Peace stability and harmony gives us order. Once you infect people with the idea of overthrowing the ruler or someone in place of authority it can ruin all of society. Tradition is values practices and institutions that have endured through time. Tradition exists for a reason. The fact that they have existed for such a long time is because they reflect the stored up wisdom of the past. They have survived the test of time and they have a purpose. Organicism – Society Is like a living body. The problem with liberalism and socialism is that they see society as a machine. All you have
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