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Ideology: Fascism

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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

May 29, 2008 Ideologies: Fascism Main Points • Almost a “religion of nationalism” o Sees the individual as secondary to the nation • Sees the nation as indivisible o All groups and classes must be harmonious o All must be done for the good of the whole • Dictatorship o By a party and a leader • Can be imperialistic o Italy and Germany were o Spain and Portugal less so • Also usually strongly protectionist o But pro-capitalist • Strongly anti-Marxist and anti-liberal • World War 2 largely discredited this ideology National Socialism (Nazism) • Technically, Nazism was not really fascist because it is based more on the idea of “race” than “nation” o However, German Nazis always felt a tension between the above concepts  Led Hitler and others to declare that Germans were the highest expression of the “Aryan” (white) race • So they were nationalistic fascists after all • Nazism has been called a conservative (reactionary) philosophy o A “popular philosophy”  Anti-big government, anti-big labour, anti-big business mass movement o A “socialist” philosophy and a “fascist” philosophy o The only thing it has not been associated with is liberalism Ideologies: Feminism Main Ideas • Ideology which centers on the position of women in society • Women are disadvantaged in society and lack political power Types of Feminism • Liberal Feminism  M. Wollstonecraft – 1792  J.S. Mill – 1869  Suffragettes – late 1800s to early 1900s o Also known as the “first wave of feminism” o Women should have equal legal rights  Ex: right to vote o Accepts that women may work or hold public office  Does not insist on it o Is still consistent with a sexual division of labour  Women work at home, men outside of the home o Accepts that women and men are different in certain ways  Ex: women better childcare providers, men better at physical labour  These differences do not justify unequal laws o Is supp
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