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Ideology: Environmentalism

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

1 June 2, 2008 Ideologies: Environmentalism • Sees the natural environment as paramount Conservationist Environmentalists • Wish to preserve the environment o Do not want all resources to be fair game for the market economy  Ex: national parks • Supports voluntary recycling and replanting programmes • Supports some government regulation • Main Idea o Take better care of the environment and we will have resources for future growth • Many of us are now at least “conservationist environmentalists” Reform Liberal Environmentalists • Main Idea o We must take care of the environment for our own health  Strong government intervention is often needed to do so • We must avoid the “tragedy of the commons” o Ex: everyone pollutes the air because we rationalize that our pollution alone causes the costs to be less than the benefits of polluting  The problem is, when everyone does this, the costs do outweigh the benefits o Do so through governments, which can strongly regulate the environment and punish offenders or “free market environmentalism”  Argues that more natural resources should be made private so people will look after them properly Deep Ecology Environmentalists • Radical human welfare ecologists • Main Idea o Environment is an end in itself  We have no right to exploit it o Anti-materialistic  Rejects both capitalism and socialism o Believes strongly in animal rights/liberation, rain fore
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