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Lecture 3

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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Political-Science Lecture 3 Hobbes’s State of Nature • Hobbes, unlike Aristotle believes that humans are not naturally political. We formed city-states for convention and well-being Hobbesian Themes • Fear – Hobbes believes in the feeling of fear • War – wrote during the time of the English civil war – anarchy, stateless land would be a disaster. • Peace – hobbes is philosopher of peace Hobbes Claims • Worst scenario: No State Protection • Powerful State is needed to avoid disastrous interpersonal conflict. Centralized political power • Main premises: Human Nature – what are we fundamentally like Human Nature • Introspection – look into your self and you will be convinced of true human nature • Materialism – we are fundamentally material things. We are matter in motion • Felicity – continual success in getting what you what. • Power –ones present means to obtain future apparent goods. There is no contentment in this life. We are never satisfied with what we have. • Predominantly self-regarding – your desires are usually your own desires. But you can still care about other people • Seek to enhance reputation • Averse to our own Death • Equally Vulnerable, Equally Able – The Road to War • Equality –all vulnerable to attack • Scarcity – no one would have incentive to produce goods • Uncertainty – everyone is a potential threat. Anticipating attack. Three Reasons to Attack • Competitio
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