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Lecture 3

Democracy lecture 3.docx

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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E

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Essay Source and cite most things If you can use a smaller word it is a lot better Democracy Part one What is DemocracyPlato Against Democracy Democracy is related to political Power The power to issue and enforce binding commands How should this power be distributed Who should Rule What sort of Government is bestFind a good government who makes safe measures and fair measures to take care of us Rule Whom MonarchyTyranny the one If it is a monarchy it is rule by the interest of one Aristocracyoligarchy the few ruled by the few Oligarchy is the country who rule in their own personal benefit Politydemocracy the many ruled by the mob Everyone is in power Political power should be distributed equally Every citizen should have the right to an equal say What is democracy Rule Kratos by the many demosCollective selfrule Government of for and by the people Historically unpopular view People have viewed democracy as unfavorable Democracy is too large and takes forever to make a decision
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