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Fascism, Feminism

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Political Science
Political Science 1020E

Fascism, Feminism 22 November 2011 Who argued that means, or moral considerations, are as important the victory of social? Eduard Bernstein Hitler and Nazism: - two explanations for Hitler's rise to power - economic - made possible by the depression, they were desperate (Hitler seemed like the answer) - charismatic - people were affected by his personality - he wasn't beating around the bush, he was truthful and shared his ideas - resentment about end of World War I - many soliders felt that they hard done by - German people (Volk) must defeat jews, communists, and liberals (their enemies) - need a strong, dominant leader (fuherprinzip) - erotic to the people, magical gaze to people's eyes, without consent - "pure reason in human norm" - people called Hitler that - nationalism - racist, blood and soil, exclusive - lebenssrau (living space) - intitled to Poland and move into their or even kicking them out (started WWII) - social darwinism (survivial of the fittest... the weak desive to die) - racism and anti-semitism (only the fittest race should survive) - nazisim = nationalism + racism - Hitler explained why it is okay to be racist to jews (Henry Ford was anti-semitic like Hitler) Key Fascist Themes: Paxton: - sense of crisis needing radical solution - subordination of individuals to the group - one's group is a victim whose enemies must be attacked - fear of liberalism, class conflict, and other alien forces - permit community intergration by violence if necessary - need for authority by natural (male) leaders embodying group's de
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