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Jones' Lecture Nov. 3, 2011

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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Lecture: Conservatism Part 1 Nov. 3 , 2011  Key themes in liberalism  Liberalism as an ideology  Conservatism as an Ideology  Read pgs. 102-125 B&D According to Jones’ lecture, Smith argues that capitalism: a. will lead to the disappearance of states b. benefits the worst off c. promotes disorder d. fosters dependency e. too lazy to think of an answer for e T.H Green 1836-1882 Green’s Welfare Liberalism - government is not merely a necessary evil - the state can advance individual liberty by promoting equal opportunities for all - 2 concepts of freedom - negative freedom: absence of restraint - positive freedom: actual ability to do something worth doing - main obstacles to freedom: poverty, ignorance, prejudice, sickness - government can promote freedom through poor relief, public schools and hospitals, and regulation of working conditions Liberty Justice - Rawls: equal basic liberties - Fair equality of opportunity - Income and wealth inequalities only if they benefit the worst-off - Nozick: minimal state – a rights-protected agency permitting capitalist acts between consenting adults Nozick on Good Lives - each of us has our own conception of the good human life - the state should allow
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