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Jones' Lecture Nov. 8, 2011

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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Lecture: Conservatism Part 2 Nov. 8 , 2011  Edmund Burke th  Conservatism in the 19 century  Conservatism in the 20 century  Read pgs. 127-150 B&D Which is NOT a characteristic of liberalism? a. state neutrality b. emphasis on rights c. toleration d. recognition of pluralism e. deference to tradition Burke 1729-1797 Burke’s Career - an Irishman in the British parliament - most famous critic of the French Revolution of 1789 - against the revolutionaries’ views of human nature, society, freedom, revolution and government Human Nature and Society - creatures of habit, custom, tradition - humans are not perfectible or changeable by social engineering - against the idea of atomistic, isolated individuals - organic conception of society - against the liberal, legalistic, business-like social contract - society is not created by our consent - sacred intergenerational covenant Freedom - freedom is not necessarily good - rights are concrete, not abstract and universal - ordered liberty to act in accordance with society’s laws and traditions Revolution and Reform - revolution, radicalism, innovation are all mistaken - reform: careful, gra
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