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Democratic Principles

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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Poli Sci 1020 October 2 , 2012 Time Management - 3 weeks and 4 days: Midterm Exam - 5 weeks and 3 days: Essay Due - 12 weeks from today: Christmas The Principle of Fairness: a. Objects the burden-sharing b. Can’t justify limits to individual freedom c. Condemns free-riding d. Recommends that Gwyneth Paltrow should stop pestering Dr. Jones Essay Advice: Three ways to respond - Disagree- and explain why - Agree- but with a difference - Agree and disagree simultaneously Plato’s Ship Analogy - The art of navigation - “Drunken pleasure cruise” - The true navigator - A star-gazer - Possesses knowledge, skills, and concern for the good of everyone DEMOCRACY Intrinsic Reasons (1)Self-Rule: - Democracy embodies a commitment to freedom or self-rule - Democracy = Individual ruling themselves - Autonomy = Giving laws to oneself - Emphasized by Rousseau in his book Social Contract We can be coerced and free: - Coercion: We are forced to comply with laws - Freedom: In a democracy, laws are self-imposed - So, coercion is compatible with freedom Government and Legislation: - Rousseau opposes democratic government because he thinks executive power should be held by the few - Rousseau supports democratic legislation because he thinks the people should make their own laws Objection: Democracy is not a form of freedom - Those on the losing side are subject to laws they do not give themselves - “Majority Rule” means the minority are not self-ruling. Therefore those in the minority are not free Reply to objection: - Democracy provides more autonomy than any other decision procedure - Democracy gives every citizen the opportunity to participate in law-making (2) Eq
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