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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Chapter 1State of Naturea situation where no state exists and no one possess political powerWhat there ever a state of nature Rousseau argues that the amount of time needed for the transition from statue of nature to civil society was longer than the age of the world and therefore noWhat would life be like without a stateHobbs in the Civil War claimed that nothing could be worse than life without the protection of the stateIs a state of nature possibleArgument The state exists naturally in the sense of being natural to human beings We would not be human beings if we lived in a society without the state We could perhaps be a lower form of animalsHobbes two keys to the understanding of human nature1Selfknowledge honest introspection tells us a great deal about what human beings are like2Knowledge of the general principles of physics to first understand human nature you must first understand body or matter of which we are entirely composedGalileos Conservation of MotionWe should assume that objects will continue to
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