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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

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Nov 8 -11 Burke‟s Career - An Irishman in the British parliament - Critic of the French Revolution of 1789 - Against the revolutionaries‟ views of human nature, society, freedom, revolution, and government Human Nature and Society: 1 - Creatures of habit, custom, tradition - Humans are not perfectible or changeable by social engineering - Against the idea of atomistic, isolated individuals - Organic conception of society Human Nature and Society: 2 - Against the liberal, legalistic, business-like social contract - Society is not created by our consent - Sacred intergenerational covenant Freedom - Freedom is not necessarily good - Rights are concrete, not abstract and universal - Ordered liberty to act in accordance with society‟s laws and traditions Revolution and Reform - Revolution, radicalism, innovation are all mistaken - Reform: Careful, gradual, recognizes complexity of society - Prefer “prejudice” to abstract reason Burke on Government - Reflective, responsible, representatives - Trustees who prefer their own judgment to the people‟s opinion - Natural aristocracy and little platoons De Maistre - Reactionary - Throne and altar - Against enlightenment rationality - Praises instinct Plus IX‟s Syllabus of Error -Human reason requires gods help to discover truth and promote human welfare - Rejection.. - Catholic.. Cultural conservatism: 1 - Wordsworth, Coleridge, et al. - Favor emotion over reason - Response to industrial Revolution: Worried about commercial activity, reject pursuit of profit and material worth Cultural Conservative: 2 - Industry is dehumanizing & alienating - Commerce and capitalism vs culture and spirituality - Favor simple, rural, communal life - Natural hierarchy Tory Democracy - Attract support from aristocratic landowners and working class - Address working class needs; improve working conditions, support right to organize and strike - Support monarchy and church 19 Century Conservatism in the USA -
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