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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Conservatism: 1 Page 102 – 125 Two Types if Conservatism 1. Classical Conservatism - Stemming from Edmund Burke 2. Modern/Contemporary Conservatism Similarities of Classical and Modern Conservatism - Share same label that suggests they are trying to ‘conserve (preserve) something’ Difference of Classical and Modern Conservatism - What they claim to conserve, How they plan to conserve it, and by whom they think it should be conserved Classical Liberal View on: - Human Nature: humans are naturally rational, competitive, narrowly self- interested who are devoted at maximizing their own advantage in relation to other people (thus, self interest) - Freedom: System of law is enforced by a minimal state. Purpose is protecting their life, liberty, and property. Government (rules and laws) are obstacles that stand in the wat of realizing one’s own individuals desires or interests Burke (against classical liberalism) on Human Nature - Disagreed with the early liberal view - Human beings are not self-interested but creatures of habit, custom, and tradition - Not individualist but a ‘but a living and changing organism greater than the sum of it’s individual parts (woven together like threads in a larger social fabric) Burke of Freedom - Freedom is not necessarily a good thing - Relates freedom to fire. Needs to be kept under control and put to good use - To promote freedom by removing obstacles would be a mistake - These ‘obstacles’ we not really obstacles but enablement’s to aid order Burke on Liberty/Democracy - No actual right to liberty for all people - For example; those liberties enjoyed by the Spanish differ from those enjoyed by the English - Democracy is the system ripe with the po
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