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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Nigmendra Narain

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Lecture 6: Power, Legitimacy and Authority ©Nigmendra Narain Power  in general, two patterns [Nig's approach]: o dominance & control = "the capacity to achieve what one wants" + the ability to make others do what one wants them to do (Machiavelli) 1. ie. Laptop example in class o empowerment & emancipation = the capacity to empower people to achieve their wants + ability to remove obstacles preventing this achievement (Marx) o not necessarily exclusive of each other  in politics, Power is: o a medium of exchange –like money, switching or gaining new roles o a means and an end –presidency is the end in terms of power. o pursuit or goal in relationship to other wants (domination, liberation, sex, race, etc.) –the motive behind the pursuit of power o used for "good" and "evil" –(theology, morality, philosophy, poli sci, econ, etc.) use to justify things o ALWAYS THERE! =like energy in science. Even the construction and maintenance of equality requires an element of power  Influence = persuade/convince ie. Obama o emotion = supportive o persons believe it is right, justified, or gain benefit through appeals to intellect/reason, passions, self-interest, group solidarity  Coercion -- force/control ie. Fidel Castro o emotion = fear o persons believe violence or threat of violence will occur Authority & Legitimacy  Authority -- accept/follow o Individual or position that holds leadership o "respect source of command" = commander has right + follower has obligation to obey
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