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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Nigmendra Narain

Lecture 9: Sovereignty and State October 15, 2012 Sovereignty  Originates in Europe  Modern concept developed in Europe, but broader history as a general idea  Sovereign = super/above  Authority to over-rule and not be subject to other authorities  Bodin –first articulated sovereignty o “In any community there ought to be a single highest authority who is not subject to other human authority”  Establish right of kings o Goal/Purpose was to stop wars!! o A system of absolute monarchs where they were not beholden to others (others had no control)  Sovereignty is a bundle of powers given to governments such as: o Ability to enforce rules o Make laws o Taxes, armed forces, currency o Control over government functions o Ownership of all lands o Power to deal with other sovereigns o Non-interference o Life & death  Two Main Types: o William Blackstone –parliamentary sovereignty = respective government  Make/change laws < not bound by previous Parliament  First Past the Post (FPP) –not majority percentage of the vote, but the most amount of votes for a particular party. (conservative 40%, liberal 25%, NDP, etc 35%
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