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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Nigmendra Narain

Lecture 12: Cultural Pluralism & Multiculturalism  Ethnically homogenous states = one ethno-cultural group (10%)  -definition: coexistence of many cultures, ethnicities, etc., in a political community  Dominant Conformity –cultures are expected to conform to the dominant culture  States but multi-nation states o State = political entity –Canada o Nation = political identity –Canadian o Conflict between two goes back millennia –civilizations, not just states  ‘Nation’ as hatred, ‘the Other’ o Genocide –killing of a race/group o Ethnic cleansing -killing, raping, etc., of a particular ethnic group o Clash of civilizations –1990s: Sam Huntington: Christianity vs. Islam; 911 o Xenophobia –fear of foreigners; 2000s: Huntington =USA is white, Christian, capitalist, democratic and English  Nationalism o 1. Identify & characterize population –make the nation evident as a group of people o 2. World is divided into nations -3000+ nations globally o 3a. Institutions and rules –government, justice, society, economy o 3b. Self-determination –right to govern own people/like people  Diaspora o Dislocation –involuntary and voluntary o Narrative about a ‘homeland’ –immigrant story, nostalgia, social
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