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Political Science
Political Science 2133A/B

Quebec 20/10/2008 13:10:00 ← ← 1.5 million sq km. largest Canadian province. Most people live in Montréal but the legislature is in Quebec city. 7.5 million people. 5.8 million have French as their mother tongue. 575,000 have English. 4 mill speak French only, 3 mill speak both. ← ← Economic Profile ← ← -contribution to GDP is 20.2% ← -2008 provincial budget based on 63 billion in revenue (Quebec economy compares to the scope of Portugal) ← -primary sector: agriculture (4 largest), mining, forestry, and hydroelectric power ← -secondary sector: manufacturing ← -tertiary- services ← -unemployment rate 7.7% ← ← Quebec as a have not province ← ← -The average family income $37,700 is below the national standard $41,400 ← -Most primary operations are small scale ← Most major manufacturing is relatively new ← -until 30 years ago there was a high birth rate and low levels of educations ← -a lot of foreign ownership ← -because of the church, emphasis on non-material values and goals. ← ← aging population and a troublesome low birth rate -need to secure high tech jobs and move jobs from primary sectors to future sectors. -outmigration is a problem organized labour historically weak in Quebec but now about 41% of paid workers are unionized. Political Culture 1960 quiet revolution. 3 notions: -transformation of quebec nationalism -transfer of powers from civil society to the state -confrontation between the state and traditional elites who dominated quebec Pre-Quiet Revolution: Moral, conservative, rural, relatively uneducated, inward looking, change averse, deferent
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