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Political Science
Political Science 2137
Cameron Harrington

The Road April 9, 2013 -human relationship to nature as well as to each other -our relationship to nature has been in separation -clock stopped at 1:17 The Road -one of the overriding theme: death is always inevitable and present, but clearly not welcoming -father and son make to warmer climates, becomes increasingly clear that father couldn’t make it (survive) -last several pages of book provide a pivotal narrative/dialogue between father and son -about what is to come after the father’s death -we see in the movie that another family (a man with his wife and children) -we have an embrace between the woman and the boy -Last page of book (2 paragraphs): -there’s redemption in the end -“another day will be brighter” -it’s a misconstrued sense of redemption -it’s a much.... -one of the bleakest pictures painted -we have desolant landscape, no food, constant rain and snow and wildfires -only humans to be seen are “animals” that cannot be controlled and resort to cannibalism -roasting infants -hard to understand how redemption can arise -does McCarty provide sense of redemption? -does boy’s survival evoke sentimental feeling? -ending of the book/movie: -morality shaped in self-interest -link with Tragedy of the Commons -complicated ending that leaves us unsatisfied -ending: there’s no destination/ no goal to achieve -just trying to survive -ending is a reminder of what we lost -the movie reflects -we have this notion where we think we can fix anything, but there are some things that cannot -McCarthy didn’t mention anything about the world before (except flashbacks) -didn’t say what happened -in the book and the movie, the man and the boy don’t have names – maybe it’s because McCarthy wants us to relate to it – the man and boy can be anybody -illusions to God -the old man (Eli) -he said that there is no god, we are all his p
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