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Lecture 2

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Political Science
Political Science 2211E
Adam Harmes

Winning the Presidency ( • Talk about the “moments” in a political campaign o Turning points in a campaign o Clinton showed vulnerability and “human” aspect – won her New Hampshire (11 point bounce) • Everything matters in a presidency campaign (signs, camera angles etc.) • 2 Arguments in a Campaign o Intellectual campaign o Emotional campaign • Attack ads are prevalent in “swing states” • Focus everything on those who you can sway o Find who support you and keep them happy o Find who are against you, and leave them alone • Collect about 250 individual information on a household level • 2012 Election – 10 States at the focus o Strongholds  New York – Obama  Texas – Romney  Only fundraise in these states, ignore 40 other states • Steps o Identify key voters (G.O.T.V.) • To get the vote o Pick the constituents up to vote • Candidates o Message of the day  Other than that, candidates are pretty useless o Repeat the same message over and over o Sticks to the script o Lots of practice • “Pack” o Poo
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