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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2211E
Adam Harmes

Business and Government September 16, 2013 John Stossel – Winning the Presidency YouTube video -moments sometimes define candidates -e.g. Howard Dean was leading Democratic presidential primaries but during Iowa rally, he was perceived as ‘crazy’person -sometimes images matter more than issues: -e.g. Bill Clinton playing the saxophone -Reagan: -Hillary Clinton crying during campaign event -some people perceive it as weakness -but some people say she showed authenticity and was ‘human’ -authenticity rare in political campaigns -campaign operations: organize events, robocalls, -visuals matter -it comes down to photography and cameras (they need sound, lighting) -there is fear that a picture could destroy the whole campaign -first negative ad to use fear: little girl counting petals of flower and countdown of nuclear bomb -“It’s Morning in America” Reagan ad -there are 2 arguments in a campaign: -Intellectual argument -emotional argument -red phone ad: use emotion to sell.. -Hillary Clinton’s 3am phone call ad -today’s ads are directed towards taxes -they run in swing states -Art of politics: -leave out people who are your supporters -target those who are against you -Karl Rove: microtargeting -compiled reams of information on people (e.g. whether people owned guns, how many guns, what car people drove, etc.) -Republicans most likely to own Mustang, -Democrats more likely to drive Honda, hybrids -Conservatives more likely to watch Modern Family -Liberals more likely to watch 30 Rock and Law and Order
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