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Political Science
Political Science 2230E
Prof Dyck

1Canadas LiberalDemocratic FoundationsAdditional NotesMajor Questions1What is an ideologyA specific type of theory Has three basic characteristics1 incorporates an idea of political values 2 Sets out the means how to put the idea into process roadmap 3 Mobilize politic actionMarxism is an ideology so is feminism2What does the concept of democracy entailCitizens are supposed to choose the law that run them selfruleElect the representatives Democracy you have a vote and 51 rules tyranny of the majority Liberalism comes in because it deals with this problem Important difference between democracy and liberal democracy3What are the fundamental values of liberalism and therefore of the Canadian political systemFreedom quality and justice Core value freedom of the individual We are logical and rational human beings gives us the ability to think and reflect on life to look at all the options and using our ability to choose which ones we want to do We should make sure there are ways so that people can make options and choosing their own life goalsFreedom is so important to all liberals that we are able to have control over our lives allows individuals to act in selffactualismsSome liberals disagree with the meaning of freedom quality and justice All liberals agree about freedom4What is classical liberalism and what are its guiding principlesIs the earliest form of liberalism Negative freedom freedom of being left alone an absence of coercion The wider the scope of interference the more freedom How does the classical liberal see the stateoSmall government the government should not interfere with our
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