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Lecture 6

Political Science 2230E Lecture 6: 2230 Feb 28

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Political Science
Political Science 2230E
Cameron Anderson

Political Science 2230 February 28, 2017 Major Questions: 1. Canadas postConfederation history is characterized by ongoing conflict between French and English Canadians. In what context must these conflicts be understood? goal to remove conflict between linguistic groups, roman catholic francophones vs protestant Anglophones give Quebec reign on cultural sphere two groups would continue to clash interests continue to conflict two conceptions o subjects of British empire, single nation, British centered o different perspective for those in French Canada, not an aspect of personal identity, not British centred o tied instead in a distinctive French Canadian society o conceived of Canada as a nation of two founding peoples, dualism o not one national community, two founding peoples coming together o federal bargain made to permit French to retain culture o problems ensued Riel Rebellions, controversy over education, conscription crises o theme of dominance of fed govt and English speaking elites over French o Canada o came to believe their language could only be reliably defended by the Quebec government o early French nationalism born 2. What form did FrenchCanadian nationalism take prior to the 1960s? Quebecs traditional ruling elite Roman Catholic Church, inherently conservative social and political elites character of French Canadian culture shaped by Catholic church, agrarian, socially conservative
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