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Lecture 12

Political Science 2230E Lecture 12 Jan 8.docx

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Political Science
Political Science 2230E
Gaile Mc Gregor

2230 Lecture 12 Jan 8 (SECOND TERM) CONFEDERATION Outline • Institutions • Pre-Confederation • Reasons for Confederation • Principles of Confederation • Theories of Confederation • Discuss Assignment Institutions • “Complex sets of established practices, or ‘rules of the game’ that enable us to accomplish collective ends” • Two key elements: 1) An overriding set of purposes or tasks 2) A patterned set of roles connected to those purposes • Institutions: Determine who participates Structure relationships between participants Influence objectives of participants Pre-Confederation • Early settlement • The Seven Years War (1754-1763) Worldwide conflict between Europe’s major powers Battle of the Plains of Abraham (1959) Treaty of Paris (1763) Post-war developments • Quebec Act (1774) – designed to punish American colonies • American Revolution (1775-1783) Why didn’t Canadian colonies participate? Reinforced existence of British Canada • Constitutional Act (1791) Representative government • Durham Report (1839) Responsible government Merge Upper and Lower Canada Act of Union (1840) Responsible Government • Responsible government: A form of government in which the political executive must retain the confidence of the elected legislature and must resign or call an election if and when if is defeated on
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