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Political Science 2230E

Bibliography Jacobs, Lawrence, Benjamin Page, Melanie Burns, Gregory McAvoy and Eric Ostermeier. “What Presidents Talk About: The Nixon Case.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 33.4 (2003): 751-771. Nixon, Richard. “A Candidate for the Presidency Answers Questions on: The Federal Government’s Role in Support of Education.” The Phi Delta Kappan, 41.8 (1960): 349-350. Nixon, Richard. “Richard Nixon on US Assistance for Population Programs.” Population and Development Review 18.2 (1992): 378-379. McGovern, George. “Nixon: The Last Word Beyond Peace.” Foreign Policy 96 (1994): 164-172. Schwartz, Barry and Lori Holyfield. “Nixon Postmortem.” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 560 (1998): 96-110. Bringhurst, Newell. “Fawn Brodie’s Richard Nixon: The Making of a Controversial Biography.” California History 70.4 (1991/1992): 378-391. Just, Marion and Ann Crigler. “Leadership Image-Building: After Clinton and Watergate.” Political Psychology 21.1 (2000): 179-198. Hendrickson, David. “A Tangled Web: The Making of Foreign Policy in the Nixon Presidency.” Foreign Affairs 77.3 (1998): 112-118. Karl, Barry. “The Nixon Fault.” Reviews in American History 7.2 (1979): 143-156. Vose, Clement. “The Nixon Project.” PS 16.3 (1983): 512-521. Aitken, Jonathan. “The Nixon Character.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 26.1 (1996): 239-247. Kotlowski, Dean. “Black Power- Nixon Style: The Nixon Adminstration and Minority Business Enterprise.” The Business History Review 72.3 (1998): 409-445. McAndrews, Lawrence. “Unanswered Prayers: Church, State and School in the Nixon Era.” U.S. Catholic Historian 13.4 (1995): 81-95. Kimball, Jeffrey. “The Nixon Doctrine: A Saga of Misunderstanding.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 36.1 (2006): 59-74. Nixon, Richard and Wiley Housewright. “Nixon: On the Side of the Angels.” Music Educators Journal 56.6 (1970): 85-87. Daines, Matthew. “Women: Gender Politics and Cultural Representation in Act 2 Nixon’s China.” The Musical Quarterly 79.1 (1995): 6-34. Stathis, Stephen. “Nixon, Watergate, and American Foreign Policy.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 13.1 (1983): 129-147. Morton, Rogers. “The Nixon Administration Energy Policy.” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 410 (1973): 65-74. Montgomery, Bruce. “Nixon’s Legal Legacy: White House Papers and the Constitution.” The American Archivist 56.4 (1993): 586-613. Kotlowski, Dean. “The Knowles Affair: Nixon’s Self-Inflicted Wound.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 30.3 (2000): 443-463. Cole, Richard and David Caputo. “Presidential Control of the Senior Civil Service: Assessing the Strategies of the Nixon Years.” The American Political Science Review 73.2 (1979): 399-413. Kolodziej, Edward. “Foreign Policy & the Politics of Interdependence: The Nixon Presidency.” Polity 9.2 (1976): 121-157. Jacobs, Lawrence and Robert Shapiro. “The Rise of Presidential Polling: The Nixon White House in Historical Perspective.” The Pu
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