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Political Science
Political Science 2230E

The first song in the film Casablanca is the song “La Marseillaise” which is the French national anthem. This song was written during the French Revolution and it’s lyrics advocate fighting for freedom from political repression. In Casablanca, “La Marseillaise” represents a France that is free and is part of the Allied side in World War II. Throughout the movie, the is played but the most significant time it is played is when all of the French patrons are singing at Rick’s Café Amercain trying to drown out the Nazi anthem that a few German soldiers are singing. In this scene, the music exemplifies the shift from geopolitical contest to a cultural battle. The war between the French and the Germans is not only between the Axis and the Allies but is also between the values of the French Revolution (equality, liberty, brotherhood) and the values of the Nazis (evil, tyranny, death). At this point in time, the audience is shown that the French are pro-Allies. Essentially, when “La Marseillaise” plays and Louis and Rick walk away together, there is a new friendship linked by a political bond. Casablanca is then about politics and war. The second song in the film Casablanca is the song “As Time Goes By”. When this song is played, the film becomes a love story between Rick and Isla. However unlike “La Marseillaise”, the meaning of the song “As Time Goes By” changes throughout the film. While in Paris, the song symbolized Rick and Isla’s love but in Casablanca it is a forbidden song that Rick fears will remind him of Isla. However, when Isla arrives in Casablanca, the song then takes on a third meaning. Both Isla and Rick request that Sam play
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