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Political Science
Political Science 2231E
Jessica Trisko

2231 Feb 27 2/27/2013 8:23:00 AM Term 2 Essays  5 sources, need 1 book  3000-35000 words  12pt font, double space with citations ( any citation style is fine) International Political Economy Political economy of the iphone  Different parts are made from various companies around the world  Apple marks about $300 per iphone  Political costs of the iphone o Depletion of indium, the mineral used for LCD and touch screen display “modern day gold rush” o Labour unrests in China th  May 2010 – 9 worker death at iphone firm Foxconn  July 2010 – Foxconn shuts down India plant as 250 workers fall ill  Feb 2011 – “1 million workers. 90 million workers. 17 suicides, who’s to blame?” by wired  Sept 2012 – “Foxconn halts production at plant after mass brawl”  But, see Factory Girls: From village to City in a Changing China (Leslie Chang – 2009) Mercantilism  The belief that power and wealth are closely related  Wealth can be acquired in a number of ways o Having a positive trade balance  Was used to enhance the power of the state  This belief declined in the early 19th century  Lead to the rise of economic liberalism Economic liberalism  Economic openness and free trade  Adam Smith o Markets being self-regulating and self organizing o “invisible hand”  everyone benefits from trade, and states should be focused on maximizing their own benefit  they believed that government intervention in the market created problems and wasn’t good  however, coordination between nations with trade is difficult o cant force someone to take down a tariff  four key factors o reciprocity  all trade agreements must be reciprocal o international regimes  we need systems that value exchange o property laws o interdependence  everyone needs to mutual benefit/rely on trade  David Ricardo o Presented a new theory of trade
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