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Political Science
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Political Science 2231E
Rado Dimitrov

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Poli Sci 2231: January 22, 2014 • Neo­liberalism o Human History  Progressive and linear, produce a better world  Not cyclical between war and ‘absence of war’ o Power  Absolute gains, not relative gains  Centralization of power is not bad  Diffuse in the system between states and institutions o Rationality  Universal human characteristic  Importance of ideas  Consensus is possible  States can rationally discuss, create laws, and solve problems o Self Interest  Need not to be nihilistic  Rationally pursued  Creates potential ‘harmony of interests’ o Individual  More important than the state  Liberty is supreme + individual development and growth  All persons have an interest in liberty o Governance  Necessary  Limited and accountable  Global institutions are similar to national governments  Must be accountable  Responsive to publics needs…etc. o Liberal capitalist Democracy  State type matters  Best political system: liberal democracy
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