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Lecture 7

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2231E
Erika Simpson

1Lecture 7 International Law Nuclear Proliferation and Arms Problem Nuclear ProliferationIs nuclear proliferation a mounting problemDoes nuclear deterrence workWhat are the implications of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East o Concern with Iran developing their own weaponWhich countries have nuclear weaponsIs nuclear terrorism a threat Solution Arms ControlWhat is the nuclear nonproliferation regimeHas the NPT workedWill the Comprehensive Test Banbe honoured Can the IAEA control the spread of nuclear terrorism Solution Nuclear Proliferation What does Kenneth Waltz assert about the efficacy of nuclear weapons proliferation New Solution SanctionsHow can countries like north Korea and Iran be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons Problem Nuclear ProliferationIs nuclear proliferation a mounting problemHas anybody read about the suit case weapon or how to build a bomb in your basementDirty bombs o The most common nuclear weapon a terrorist organization is likely to produce is referred to as a dirty bomb o More likely to be used because it will kill less people but still cause fear and chaosA dirty bomb would be made of ordinary explosivessuch as dynamitepackaged with radioactive material which would be dispersed when the bomb goes off o Dr Mohamed ElBaradei when he was IAEA Director General Nobel Peace Prize winnerWeapons of Mass Destruction WMD includes atomic chemicalbiological weapons so nuclear disarmers decline to use the term as they consider the A for atomic in ABC to be far worse than BCInterested in Chemical Weapons ProliferationIn Canada your passion about combatting chemical weapons could lead to a successful career here and abroad What continues to be the main source of loose nukes and unsecured chemical weapons
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