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Lecture 11

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Political Science
Political Science 2231E
Erika Simpson

Lecture 11 Environmental Issues in International Relations Causes of Climate ChangeAnnual carbon emissions 30 billion tonsConsequences of climate changeWorld temperature increased 074 degree C since 1800Could increase up to 35 by 21002010 was the warmest year on record Dr Simpson changed this date every year since 1995Expect more severe storms desertification sea level rise species extinction water pressures increases in skin cancer and a lot moreEvidence of climate changeIn their seminal report The Great Ice Storm 1998 Climate Damage and Solar Solutions Greenpeace quoted extensive current scientific literature from NASA and other peerreviewed sources on potential greenhouse effects on ocean circulation and wind systems They predicted that the frequency and intensity of El Nino events could have a major influence on future winter storms The Greenpeace reports were followed up by many different reports written by UN officials and scientistsAnother major report is The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fourth Assessment Report was released in 2007 Climate change actionKyoto Protocol Negotiated 19921997 In force as of 2005191 ratifications but not the United States Goal reduce developed country greenhouse gas emissions over 5 percent from 20082012 below 1990 levelsGoal to hold global temperature increase to 2 degrees KyotoSuccess o Developed countries exceeded their goal Global emissions fell 75 percent oEU reduced its emissions 7 percent oNegotiations to replace accord are ongoing Failure o Globally emissions increased 45 percent since 1990 oMost of the reduction by developed countries due to Russian economic collapse oMany developed countries increased emissions Canadas Stance
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