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Lecture 9

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Political Science
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Political Science 2231E
Erika Simpson

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1Lecture 9 NATO in the TwentyFirst Century Current Controversies NATO Enlargement NATOs wars in Kosovo Afghanistan and Libya and NATOs deterrence strategy 19992008What are some benefits and costs of expanding NATO membership What are some of the risks of extending Article 5 protection to the newer allies What are some of the issues surrounding NATOs outofarea operations in Kosovo Afghanistan and Libya What are the implications of the debate surrounding NATOs continual reliance on nuclear deterrence II Future IssuesWithdrawal and Defeat in Afghanistan Civil War in Libya Ballistic Missile DefenceDefending the Imperial Palace against the Global Village Alternatives to Canadas NATO commitments 2009present Could NATO lose in Afghanistan due to opium What might be theimplications of saying no to BMD What are the implications of the new war on terrorism for a global NATO What are our alternatives Should Canada continue to commit to NATO and how What are some benefits and costs of expanding NATO membership1st Round of NATO EnlargementoCzech Republic o Hungary o For example expansion is seen by some as a fallback to regional alliance formations and balance of power politics There are fears it represents a reversal back to the policy of containment to the focus on military force to collective defense Fears about the dangers of extended deterrenceUS President Bill Clinton promoted NATOs Partnership for Peace PfP formerly the North Atlantic Cooperation Council NACCIt leads to other questions of priorities and preferencesexpanding a regional collective defense organizationpossibly at the expense of efforts to reform a universal collective security organization like the UNnd 2 Round on May 1 2004 o Romaniao Bulgaria o Slovenia o Slovakia o Estonia o Latvia o Lithuania o Other wouldbe NATO alliesSlovakia Slovenia Romania Bulgaria Estonia Lithuania Latviathey undoubtedly will spend a great deal of money to upgrade their defence
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