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Lecture 5

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Political Science
Political Science 2231E
Erika Simpson

1Lecture 5 International Law and Organizations Canada is a member of more international institutions than many other countries in the worldAccording to former Prime Minister Joe Clark no other major power has Canadas institutional reachSince Canada is a member of more international organizations than any other country in the world this will affect youyour career prospects What International Institutions is Canada a Member ofAPEC Asia Pacific Economic CooperationArabnot a memberASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations BTWC Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention CD Conference on DisarmamentCHR Commission on Human RightsCSW Commission on the Status of WomenCSCEon Security and Cooperation in Europe now the OSCE see belowCSD Commission on Sustainable DevelopmentCW CWC Chemical Weapons ConventionEC European Community not a member now the EUECM European Common Market not a memberECOSOC Economic and Social CouncilECOWAS Economic Community of West African States not a memberEDC European Defense Community not a memberEFTA European Free Trade Association not a memberEU European Unionnot a memberFAO Food and Agriculture OrganisationGATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
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