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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2231E
Erika Simpson

1Lecture 5 Part TwoThe United Nations Peacekeeping and International Law Foreign Service Examination 1 This section must be filled out completely Your First Name Last Name and Preferred TitleThe Title of the post that you are seekingAmbassadorall students are seeking thisDeputy Ambassador or thisForeign Service Officer you were this once possiblyLiaison Officeror thisCoffee Fetcher UN gopher Your Education and where obtainedYour Other QualificationsCountry and Place of BirthAre you a Citizenlanded immigrantvisitor to our countryrefugee Why are you interested in the post of Ambassador to the country of Please provide a one sentence explanation Background Knowledge about the United Nations UN The UN Security Council is composed of5 permanent members includingChinaFranceRussiaUKUS Each of the P5 has a veto over any substantive matter that comes before the CouncilThere are also 10 non permanent members elected by the General Assembly in accordance with an agreed geographical formula for two year termsA substantive matter requires 9 positive votes and the absence of a veto to pass in the Assembly 25 The UN operates in six official languages Arabic Spanish French Chinese English Russian 6 The heart of the UN is the General Assembly GA a forum in which all stated can send representatives to sit in session present opinions and vote on resolutions which need a majority to pass The UN was established in San Francisco 1945 Eventually the UN headquarters was moved from LondonEngland to New York City What is Collective Securitywhich all stated will respect each others recognized territorial boundaries and aggression by any state will be met by a collective response In other words an attack on one will be considered an attack on all and dealt with accordingly This differs from a system which is a traditional alliance aimed at potential aggressors outside the membership of the system Issues Affecting the UN Today II Your Understanding of Issues Affecting the UN Today The regular budget of the UNnot including peacekeeping which is assessed differently is approximatelycheck off the answer US800 millionUS12 billion US12 billionUS 136 billion Many UN member states have not paid theirduesbills assessments debtsall the preceding For example the United States owes 12 to the United Nations more than a quarter of the payments owed the world body by all member states a senior UN official said in 2010UN UndersecretaryGeneral for Management Angela Kane told reporters that only of the United Nations 192 member states had paid in full as of 2011 The total arrears amounted to some 41 billion up from 22 billion at the end of 2009 Kane said Is the UN BankruptThe UN is also owed approximately US 16 billion for peacekeeping costs The largest debtor country to the UN is 4 Without the money it is owed the UN could be said to be bankrupt severely constrained in trouble out of business Is the UN Representative5 The UN has been criticized for being unrepresentative with the composition of thereflecting the old distribution of power while excluding emergent countries like 6 Some countries wish to avoid a stronger UN as they are concerned it could become a instrument world government overarching authority used by some stated to dominate or intimidate othersall the preceding
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