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Lecture 10

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2231E
Erika Simpson

Lecture 10 NorthSouth Issues Development and Development AssistanceOne baby dies every 1 minute from tetanus virtually every one of them needlesslyTetanus kills 600000 people every yearMeasles kills 3 million kids every year A vaccine for measles has been available since the mid1960s Close to 80 of children are immunizedPolio has been eradicated in the Western Hemisphere Yet 150 000 children are still crippled by it every year250000 children are blinded every year because of lack of Vitamin A Taking a 2 cent Vitamin A capsule three times a year would prevent this deficiency Or by eating small amounts of leafy green vegetablesIn India 53 of children are underweight and 21 are severely underweight for their age In India 63 of women are illiterate And 59 of married women in their childbearing years do not practice birth control In India research suggests that for every thousand girls given 1 extra year of education two maternal deaths 43 infant deaths and 300 births are avertedHow many people die every year from diarrhearelated diseaseso 45 million o 1 million o 800 million o Most cases can be treated with cheap oral rehydration salts What is DevelopmentThe Basic Needs of the poor include oclean water oSanitation oImmunization ogood nutrition oprimary education3575 million people die each year from waterrelated diseaseA Canadian taking a 5minute shower uses more water than a typical person in a developing country slum uses in a whole day What are some basic rights regarding nutrition
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