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Political Science
Political Science 2237E

October 4, 2012 Political Science 2237 Lecture #7 Read outline for readings Also read Plato’s The Cave  Read Book 1, 2-5  Read Book 7,8,9  Read Aristotle’s Book 1, 169-175 for Book 10 On second point this week from Outline Issues: 1. Socrates vs. – Aristotle o Highlights philosophy and sophistry: truth and power o Power must be based on style, appearance and the moment o Truth no longer exists because there is to much information o With truth philosophy marginalized o More radically important to today’s politics o Too much information = to much change 2. Justice as moral and legal idealism  Justice has transformed beyond recognition  B/c of politics is no longer based on truth  The law is not corrupt or true it is a manifestation of truth  Justice is moral harmony  Laws are not coercive b/c people believe in moral harmony  What are good law and bad law? – What is your standard? Based on what you believe in  Plato is absence of conflict  When he talks about regimes they are unjust b/c bring conflict  In our politics, we manage conflicts not to make it go away  Plato is elimination of friction of all conflict  Alt: justice is a particular way of managing conflict (Stuart
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