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Political Science
Political Science 2237E

September 11, 2012 Political Science – 2237E Lecture #1 Politics is about constructing a system of authorized power Communication/language is key to politics  Sets of words that create realities  Which then give meanings to the world and everything they create Does language matter? YES  In politics vocabulary creates reality (e.g. US Republicans changing view of Canada – from Soviet Canukistan to libertarian haven)  Whoever controls the political game, controls the political vocabulary (e.g. Lenin; Karl Rove; Harper on the War of 1812) Try on understanding a political theory as a “toolkit” for constructing political truth or reality – Ludwig Wittgenstein Neitzsche/Foucalt: Politics is the endless struggle for the power to define truth. Truth and reality are political products. Book 1: Socrates is trying to defeat this guy – by showing truth rules all - however may have lost because power defines rules and truth Mostly people try to make their kind of talk powerful by claiming its “the truth” – “reality”: Invoking the authority of: 1. Science 2. Religion 3. Philosophy 4. Nature/Culture a. St
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