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Political Science
Political Science 2237E

October 30, 2012 Intro to Political Theory The paradigm of politics is the city – Aristotle thought it should be 30,000 people  Athenians saw city as civilization  Model of the polis  Small is better and beautiful  Greek  If you wanted to rule – you spoke  Politics is local, community  Work with the people you know  Work intimately with them and communicate with them 2 paradigm: based on Rome  Comes 300-400 years later  Gives us the model of the Empire  Paradigm of the empire  The metropolis is Rome – and it is the centre of the world  Romans colonized England and went North  Built a wall with Scottish outside – end of the world  Model of the whole world – Roman radiating power out to the whole world  Big is better  Conquer and expand  Organize the world now – hub and metropolis with spokes going out from there o “Wheel”  The new roman political unit – projection of power  Roman allegiance carried the image – coin  Politics of symbolism not of direct experience  Dependent on military might to carry symbolic presence of Rome  Held together through commerce, military and projection of power  Big nation state – people are spectators  Gave us the drama/theatre of politics Socrates, Plato and the Skeptics  All are BCE – 200 to 400 years before Christ  They are “Pagans”  The “glue” of their polities is philosophy, idealist, or natural St. Augustine  Is 4rth/5 century ACE: Rome is under pressure from outside and inside: the church led by the Bishop of Rome is not yet “Catholic”  St. Augustine wants Rome to reject the “pagans” and ally with his Church  This is a political crisis for both the Church and the State  He is doing 3 things o We can find a critique and rejection of Grease  Pagans not Christians and therefore wrong  Sinful, lie to say we can be happy in this world  Rejects idea of Greek virtues, idea of justice, wisdom, temperance  Defeat they’re paradigm  B/c there is competitors o Major poli player in trying develop alliance btw Church and Rome  Sell Christianity to Rome  Brings new Christian paradigm into Rome  Outlasts Rome  How does he explain it? Sell it?  Must beet competitors in Greece trying to sell virtues and philosophy to Rome o Layout the Christian paradigm – Christendom  Ruled by Christ  Every individual to first the domain and power of God  Owe allegiance firstly to emperor or God?  You can do both  Catholic
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