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April 2-Rawls, Nozick, mostly Nietzsche.docx

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Rawls ended up in Political Liberalism with Political Constructivismtry to construct a system a society of political cooperationNozick mocked liberalism in the extreme justifying only the most minimal statein the 1980s liberal perfectionism was rejectedHume and Smith were made to be libertariansSmith was caricatured as suchthe new heroes were Karl Popper and Friedrich von HayekHayek argued that nobody knew what justice was and that it could only be due process through lawthis meant that Marxism was coming apart in practice and liberalism in theorythese thinkers are all antisocialist against social engineering and the welfare state against statist liberalism They won the ideological war of the 1980s because they redefined state involvement in perfectionist ends as inept and costly intervention or interference in the realm of libertythe issue of pluralism in practice becomes that of inclusiveness or alteritywhat came after liberalism Neoliberal and conservatism which both argued under the capitalis
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