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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

John LockeHobbes the sovereign rule of lawto understand Hobbes understand the civil war what the law is and what would put them into a condition where different people would accept the same directivesthe safety of the subjects is the highest lawguiding principle of Hobbesliberty is what is left over after all needed rules have been madethis is a political theory generated by a condition of civil warthe ideal political rule is built on moral and civil science as well as an understanding of the laws of nature in other words a complete comprehensible set of defensible lawspositive lawnatural lawpositive lawnegative libertywhats left over where the sovereign has omitted legislation liberty is the absence of lawif something is necessary for the Commonwealth according to the king then it cannot be resisted unless it pertains to preservation of selfthis does not mean you have a private bubble of liberty or a right to resist or disobey the law your only right is that the sovereign cannot command you to take your own life unless you have given him authority toHobbes was trying to write Euclid incontrovert
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