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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Hobbes politics is about our behaviour and actions which are driven by a desire of power after power it is because we are like this that it is difficult to maintain peaceHobbes philosophy is not a total one but a political one which was meant to end the civil war in England by answering the question of how to resolve a failed stateHobbes answer was to create a single being to overawe all others into submissionThe Naturall Conditionthe state of nature pg 292 this has never existed universally but did in parts of America at the time of Hobbes writing this lack of government is a condition of perpetual warthis does not mean you are always at war but rather that war of words or of arms is the first and only recourse to any injusticevanity is the excessiveness of our selfinterestlaw is general a law comes from a common power a law has the power of the community behind itwhen you disobey a law which you have authorized as one of the people you disobey yourselfby the covenant everyone has authorized the Leviathans authoritythe golden rule is a law of natureby nature we desire these laws take placewe desire fairness we desire people should kee
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