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January 15-Hobbes (with comparisons to Machiavelli).docx

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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

in the modern political era democracy means everything and therefore means nothingtheory is meant to resolve complexities such as how the same person can be simultaneously regarded as both a terrorist and a freedom fighterthe goal of theory is to problematize simple concepts because taken to their most extreme end everything becomes problematicHobbesHobbes is about nature law peace survival and the CommonwealthHobbes and MachiavelliThomas Hobbes wrote his literature based on the time he was born into the English Civil War given the past this was an incredibly turbulent period monarchists believed that without a king the universe was thrown off axis as if they had killed God because of the divine right of kingsLeviathan is written to get England out of civil war and impose unity on those who are not inclined to itMachiavelli and Hobbes both believed that humans sought evergreater power Hobbes construed power as your present means to achieve some future good the exercise of power is the use and acting on of your passionsHobbes is Mach
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