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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Hume1Hume is a skeptic a hater of dogmatismat the time he believed that the state of nature was a fabrication of the ruling Whig party he derives a political theory that is not based on the state of natureaThe job of the skeptic is to never choose a side and to always keep inquiringbBecause identities are constantly changing you cannot commit to a side or to dogma He is a Conservativeif he is changing every day then this cannot be the caseiYou can always change your views the identity of the Commonwealth society your political system is constantly changing2He is a utilitarianlaw justice politics are simply useful conventions3He is a naturalist not a rationalist Reason serves passions The habit of obedience is as natural as gravityaRationalists believe that reason governs everything we dobNaturalists believe that human nature and sentiments emotion are fundamental we are guided by our passions Reason is and ought to be only the slave of our passionscThe foundation o
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