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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Marx thought it was scientifically true that for the rich to be rich the poor had to be poorBentham believed nothing better was possible until the physiological nature of human beings that is what is pleasurable and painful was changed since this was not possible political science was known as the dismal scienceMarx claimed that the claim that the rich would get richer was not inevitable he rejected the claims that commerce and inequalities were necessaryMarx critiqued the science of political economy with scientific socialismdueling sciences and dueling ideologiessince both sides in the Cold War claimed to be scientific the battle was violent Capitalism1 It is not scienceit is ideology which reflects the interests of the ruling class it is not above politics it is politicsties back to Rousseaus rich mans contract2 It is divided an active picture of economic activity vs contemplative morals and defensive politics the market dictates moralitywe look to economics for everything and dress up our findings with morality3 It perpetuates a false picture of human nature and human
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