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November 8-St. Augustine Cont'd II.docx

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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Why Christian PlatonismoGod vs The Good the impossible St Aug VS Plato but indispensable idealsoHell on EarthSt Aug cycle of futility Plato BUToIn St Aug only passion love can directcontrol passion desireoeros and agapeoIn Plato human reason and insight must ruleLeap of submission to the philosophers both similar in St Aug and PlatoNo one can be trusted who is driven by eros the only thing that can change this is a transformation of the passions Oaths ii Community a bond of love Not an Association for the advancement of reason Aristotle or a unity of vision Plato Rome is not a CommonwealthThus Christendom the power of communionexcommunicationpolitics is communications is one cityAll worldly states make up the city of this world Hot Spots 19 glued by interests and lustoAll life is an expression of passion and desire the only way any of this can be improved is if agape replaces erosoEver city is a war of interestoThe only true common go is become part of the body of ChristAlternative theory of communitySimilar to Platos formsThe power of excommunicationChristian doctrine supplied a model of community authority power the indispensable model for nearly 1000 yrsChrisidom is one citythe alternative view of the city of man
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