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November 6-St. Augustine Cont'd.docx

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

St AugustineAristotles paradigm my essence is my reason and my development along the teleological path to excellenceyou cannot understand the Christian paradigm which dominated Europe unless you know St Augustines paradigm of human political societies getting worse as they growintimate domestic city worldeverything we do in the City of Man is driven by passion and therefore sinfulerosGreekerotic passion love of self leading to contempt for God love in the City of Managapelove of other human beings fraternal loves love in the City of Godit is love not reason that constructs the state the laws and the associationsever since the passions of Adam and Eve humanity has been tainted by Original Sin universalized to all human beingswe are all driven by passion in politics making an oath and swearing allegiance to God is the glue of political societythe fear of God makes us obeyRemember for Hobbesthe problem of the passions can only be solved by salvation for Augustinepolitics is not
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