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November 13-St. Aquinas Cont'd.docx

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

St Thomas Aquinasthe rich are under an absolute obligation to share their excess with the poorif the poor man steals a loaf of bread to feed his starving family but he steals it from a rich man he is not guiltyGrace does not abolish nature but perfects itSt Thomas Aquinasthe grace of God is the good justice truththrough the grace of God human beings have access to an understanding of law that can perfect our naturegrace does not take away our naturein Augustine grace abolishes nature after the law attempts to correct it with benevolent severitynature is wrong in St AugustineSt Thomas asks if the law is directed to the common good the first principle which governs them is our last end our purposethe entire universe is ruled by divine will and divine reasonthis is Aquinas paradigmAugustines paradigm was one of nightmarish terror and fear of God whereas Aquinas believes that everything is ordained as an imperfect counter to a perfect entitythe laws can have a positive moral function just as
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