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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

MachiavelliThe PrinceMachiavelli was a passionate citizen of Florence who wanted a job with the Medici despite them torturing himMachiavelli was an ardent supporter of the republic system of government even in The Prince where the goal was to flatter the Medici he wrote in favour of republicanism over principalities Machiavelli wrote that conquering a republic required you to wipe out every citizen because they so loved their freedom glory and republicMachiavelli wrote to a Medici Prince saying that to make his legacy everlasting he should create institutions that will outlast the Prince one thing that Machiavelli will not do is tell a prince that a principality is better than a republic he is trying to trick the Medici into returning the republicMachiavelli writes that politics is a dirty business the highest stakes game in the world that has its own autonomous rulesit is a public game that cannot be played with private rulesall politicians have to get their hands dirty the two kinds are those who say they have blood on their hands who say that the best you can hope for is honesty the bad kind say their hands are cleanin the Machiavellian principality there is the prince the barons and the peoplethe prince must reach beyond the educated and ambitious barons to speak to the
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