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November 29-Machiavelli Cont'd II.docx

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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Machiavelli is the first modern political scientist What makes him modern1 Individualism is the individual actor against fortuna He places value and meaning in freedom Theories before Machiavelli focused on how people through politics found their proper place There was no individuality in Plato but about the order of things These theorists did not believe that the individual had the right to choose they did not believe that the individual was even selfsufficientMachiavellis stories about glorious states are built on the activity of identifiable individuals Machiavelli was a Renaissance man in a time built on humanism Individual human beings are the ones possessed of virtu such as Leonardo Da Vinci Politics is an exciting game whose rules are provided by human beings rather than God science or philosophy The rules of the game can be changed by human beings The state cannot coast and become complacentit takes deter
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