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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Machiavellivery skeptical about piety and Christianity due to papal corruptionnot using religious paradigms unlike every previous thinkerthe Italians invented doubleentry bookkeeping Italy was the center of the Renaissance and Machiavelli worked using Italy as the center of ideas and in the sense that humans have energy and insatiable desiresevery individual is the same in certain respects individuals transform the world to satiate their appetitesthese individuals were discovering the world and adapting to it transformation was not normal before Machiavellis time he believed that through virtu guts and creativity human beings could seek glory and wealthMachiavelli build his game of politics on human selfinterestMachiavelli does not discuss virtue justice truth salvation or philosophy at root Machiavelli holds that the world is a chaotic place that is 50 fortunaeverything crumbles over time so it takes guts to succeed in politics 50 of everything cannot be brought under control talks about fortuna around page 277278 fortuna is the enemy which must be tamed but cannot befortuna is a flowing river that ero
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