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Political Science
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Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

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Aristotleevery human action aims for some good x eg I am studying but I am aiming for a degreethis as opposed to nature where things happen because they are physics or chemistryAristotle makes action rather than thought the centre of political scienceAristotle demonstrates a hierarchy of human action which for each of leads to a different good we all do each of our actions to lead us to happinessfor Aristotle this means us living an excellent lifeAristotle is a virtueethics theorist to Aristotle virtue contributes to happiness and excellencehumanity is a zoon politikon any human being who does not find pleasure and enjoyment in social human or political action therefore any human who does not seek action and excellence is either a God because they already have everything or a beast because they cannot be elevatedethics and politics are about living together not about how to interact with the divine or with stuff Aristotle believes that how we interact with human beings is far more important than how we interact with thingsethical and political behaviour is humans relat
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