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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Plato political theory as philosophical systembuilding goala perfect structure of powerauthorityAristotle political theory as observation and classification of natureas essence and as process goaloptimal growthSkeptics political theory as open inquiryas the embrace of uncertainty goalhappiness and in modern terms freedomAll of these philosophers as well as the Christians believed in a truth that could dispel uncertainty and steady the conditions of constant changeFor Plato these truths were his formsFor Aristotle the truth was in his teleologyFor Christians God is truthThe Skeptics believe that we need to stand back from all of these interpretations and begin to interrogate and ask questions and find our own truthsSkepticismHas a longstanding place in theory1classicalCarneades Sextus Empiricus see Skeptics file at Owl2Early modern Michel de Montaigne retained a position of respect as
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